RUVI — Beauty for Good


Boris Oak, founder of EVOLVh hair care, approached The Rare Form with a new product he’d been working on for several years, one tied to preserving the Amazon rainforest as well as being an outstanding skin care serum. Thousands of acres of rainforest are cut down each year — this sustainably-harvested product supports local farmers by providing climbing gear so that the bataua palms can be climbed and farmed, rather than cut down for their fruit. We were excited to partner with Boris again and to bring this unique and impactful brand to life.


We derived the brand name RUVI from Peruvian, the source of the serum’s powerful key ingredient: bataua oil. The bataua palm leaves provided inspiration for the logo and branding, and we developed a rich and distinctive color palette to evoke a luxurious experience. We led creative on all fronts — branding, photography, social, web/digital & packaging.


Graphis Design Annual 2022 Silver Winner

The reception has been overwhelmingly positive from the client and all of our partners, as well as outstanding reviews from influencers and consumers. We’re excited to support RUVI in their goal of delivering half a million dollars of sustainable climbing gear to Peruvian farmers in 2021.

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+ brand creation
+ positioning strategy
+ content shoot direction & production
+ DTC ecomm website development
+ social creative & strategy

Photography by Stephen Wilson

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